The Best Pre-school Toys For Christmas Fun

Dec 10, 2012
The best pre-school toys are not always the easiest items to buy.  You have to consider safety, entertainment and educational worth, along with the cost. Thankfully, the very best pre-school toys can be found on the internet along with reviews and information about their features. Here we show you the most popular top selling and most talked-about toys for pre-schoolers this Christmas. The range is diverse and any of these wonderful toys are sure to delight your pre- schoolers this Christmas!

Now there are some wonderful pre-schoolers toys primarily based on popular TV characters, for a start. Night Night Timmy is an endearing plush rendering of the legendary sheep. Timmy is right for small children to cuddle up to. He can snore and shut his eyes once you put him down, and you'll press his hand to hear him Baa! There also are Fisher-Price Lets Get to Work Manny toys that tiny ones can love. Postman Pat Vehicles based oncelebrated Postman Pat TV series are a brilliant idea for children this Xmas too. In the Night Garden Sleepy Iggle Piggle is massively popular. Youngsters will rub Iggle Piggle's hand to make him fall asleep, or he will sing them a lullaby! A pleasant plush toy that youngsters are certain to like, and he comes with a CD of audio! Then there is the My First Remote Control Thomas, a excellent remote control Thomas The Tank Engine toy for pre-schoolers! With a true steam result and therefore the theme tune playing, this robust toy can produce tons of fun to Christmas for your child this xmas.

Gadget and tech toys for preschool kids are also popular and fashionable this year. The VTech First Steps Baby Walker Pink is a top selling baby walker that is pink. It  features a learning center that detaches, light up buttons and music! Thsi is a nice easy and fun way to help your baby start to walk. Another good tech toy idea for pre-school children will be the VTech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera. This kid-friendly digital camera does all a regular adult digital camera will do, however it is less complicated for youngsters to use. Good for teaching children about using digital media! Yet another option is the Tag Reading System. The Leapfrog tag reading system would be a superb toy to help your child learn to read correctly along with improving their vocabulary. You'll be able to download additional audiobooks from the net for the system too!

Different good ideas for toys for pre-schoolers at Christmas time include the Waybuloo Peeka Lau Lau, a cute plush doll with big eyes, which is a popular choice this Christmas. With peekabo motions and sounds, she is an adorable idea for a toy. There's also the The WotWots Zoom Along Plush, a cute and zany Wot Wot doll with laughter and sounds, this Wot Wot zips around  on its special chair! Princess Peppa's Palace is a delightful toy play set to fill with the loveable Peppa Pig figures! Full of pretty rooms and homely accessories, this toy is  positive to make your pre-schooler's toy dreams come true this Christmas! One other toy gift idea would have to be the Stack n Surprise Count n Build Snail Pail. Children enjoy building blocks, and this pail of toy blocks is just right for baby to get pleasure from building with. With cheerful colours and plenty tofrom from, baby will be enthralled!

You will find plenty more preschool toys on our blog offering great fun and experience for your child ideal for this stage in their development.

Educational Toys For Preschoolers

A lot of experts say that the best way to teach a child a certain subject or value is to introduce the concept during his or her play time. Because kids give their utmost attention to things that interest them, it is but natural to presume that they will more easily grasp ideas if they are incorporated into things that pique their fancies.

Thus, it is probably for this reason that toy manufacturers all over the world are setting their sights on making educational toys for children - for preschoolers, in particular, because it is during this age in ther kids' lives that they are most able to absorb whatever we teach them.

Preschoolers minds are not yet filled with lots of worldly ideas so it's easy for us to instill learning at this point. Their brains and memories are still like clean sheets of paper without any marks. If we want to them to learn something, a good trait, a lesson, or whatever, bring it to the children during the preschool years and you will not fail.

A good example of an educational toy for preschoolers is LeapFrog's line of interactive toys and games. Toys "R" Us carries LeapFrog's products in all of its 150 branches worldwide. In order for both parents and children to better appreciate what they are buying, small kiosks are set up in all stores where LeapFrog products are being sold, so that buyers will be able to test the products first before they decide to make a purchase.

The name 'educational toy' sounds boring, at first, and kids might not want to buy it if we mention it this way to them. However, upon closer inspection and use of these toys, kids will find that these are actually very entertaining and very far from ho-hum. What's more, parents will be happier because their children learn a lot of new things and improve on their academic, analytical, and logical faculties while their kids are at play.

In the past, the term 'play' carried a rather negative connotation, because some parents think that play is just a waste of time and energy. However, child experts will beg to differ, as play time, while it appears to have no outright value, is actually a very effective learning tool. This is what educational toys aim to reconcile - that toys can actually be very academically beneficial.

Educational toys for preschoolers are also worth every penny spent on them, even if they do carry a relatively hefty price tag compared to most toys being sold. And because they have educational values, parents would gladly spend on these toys.

Preschoolers Educational Toys Perfect For Christmas

The demand for educational toys is fast growing, as more and more parents see the value behind these products and children start to appreciate the kind of learning they obtain from them. In fact, the demand for them has surpassed that of traditional toys. In 2005, for instance, educational toy maker LeapFrog's sales surged 120%.

Most of the educational toys toy companies create target preschoolers and elementary school children. This is because the preschool years are the best years to instill learning in kids. Their minds are still fresh and remain relatively unmuddled by the events around them. And because today's modern parent is always out working, and give the benefits educational toys give to their preschoolers, they tend to not mind the price tag.

Here are some of the more popular educational toys that have been designed for preschoolers.

LeapFrog's Leapster L-Max Learning Game System

The Leapster L-Max

Preschoolers and even elementary age kids will enjoy this product because it carries several preprogramed games that are both fun and educational. The device can be plugged into the picture tube of the television so the games can be played on the big screen. Kids can also play games while on the road because of its portability.

Publications International Ltd's Story Reader

Story Reader is an electronic book that may be loaded with all sorts of stories for preschoolers to enjoy. Parents only need to buy story cartridges to be uploaded into the device, so its capacity is virtually limitless. Some of the popular stories that have been featured in Story Reader are The Lion King, Chicken Little, and The Incredibles. It has become so popular that, in 2003, it has sold over 1.5 million units and more than 7.5 million books. Imagine how many it has sold at present!

Fisher-Price and Nickelodeon's Dora The Explorer

These two top children's companies have teamed up to create a new cooking-based educational game that features the popularly cute and bilingual Dora preparing all kinds of dishes kids can emulate.

Disney Consumer Product and V-Tech's Call 'n Learn Phone/Leapfor's Tic Talk

Both of these educational toys teaches preschoolers proper phone etiquette. The only difference is that the Tic Talk deals with the right use of the cellular phone.

Hasbro's Baby Einstein

Nearly all toys under the Baby Einstein line encourage kids to appreciate art, music, language and poetry. The line carries several interactive game devices that preschool kids would definitely enjoy. Its most sought after products include the Baby Bach Touch 'N Play Pipes and the Baby Shakespeare Find-And-Rhyme.

Bright Educational Toys for Tots This Christmas

Brilliant is what our children can become when they grow up nowadays, since technology has developed a wide array of educational toys that promote our child (ren) development at an earlier stage. Now, one-year olds has the ability to learn with educational toys, learning how to develop motor skills, cognitive skills, and more. Your child has the ability now to expend his or her curiosity taking it beyond to investigative skills when he or she grows up.

How your child develops motor skills with educational fine motor toys:
Your child has the advantage of developing motor skills with educational toys today, since your child learns to decipher how his or her smaller muscles move. Your child will learn how to move his fingers and coordinate them with his or her eyes. The toys help your child to develop patience, which assist him or her with understanding how the boy works. The toy in time teaches your child how to enjoy activities. Your child learns to grasp objects, release, reach and turn objects using his motor skills along the way. Star Links is one of the latest motor skill development toys that your child will enjoy. The toy introduces your child to a new life beyond the earth. Your child will learn about the stars as he or she develops cognitive abilities that promote thinking. Using colors and combining them with shapes your child will take delight in learning how to use the cognitive mind.

Babies learn from influences around them and rely on sound and visuals to help them to develop new skills. Let your baby Lock and Rock the musical shakers to unveil his or her motor skills. The shakers come in four different colors, which your baby shakes the bells, tambourine, or maraca. Your baby can make clicking clacking sounds while he or she develops his motor skills. The toy is easy for your baby to lock and unlock it. The toy will stimulate your baby by giving him sounds and colors to enjoy while he uses his limbs to control the objects.

Babies often enjoy nature or being around animals. Your baby may enjoy the surprise he gets by unveiling the elephant inside toy. The toy allows your baby to put in small toys or remove them as he pleases. Developing fine-tuned motor skills, your baby’s hand and eye coordination will develop. Inside the pockets, your baby can pull out toys or put them back inside. Shake or bang the toys so that it transfers into an exploration your child will enjoy. The toy comes complete with built-in handles, mouse that squeaks, floral mirror, crinkling petals, elephant, peek-a-boo peanut buddies, knob ball, pockets, and the ability to play no peek as he or she guesses the game.

Luke has gone off to school, which helps your child to develop manipulative abilities. Your child is assisted in development of hand and eye coordination as Luke nurtures your child’s imagination and independency. Your child will learn the importance of button their coat, zipping their jacket, or snapping their packs. Luke comes complete with hood, sneaker ties, rain gear, backpack, snap pockets, and slicker that zip on rainy days. Let Luke teach your child how to zip, tie, snap, and button his own attire.

If you have, a little girl checkout Sydney, Sydney, like Luke will teach your child about fashion. Your child will develop skills that include learning how to zip, tie, snap and button her own attire. Sydney comes complete with party snap shoes, jacket that zips, dress sash tie, Velcro pockets that close, coat and so on.

Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price

As a parent of a young child, you know that once children start to move around, they don’t stop! This is especially true when children are learning to walk. It can be a nerve-wrecking time for a parent, especially when children don’t have something to hold on to when they’re learning to walk across the room.

You won’t have to worry anymore with the latest from Fisher-price. With the Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price, your child can safely learn to walk while having fun and learning with a variety of shapes and colors. The Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price is like your child’s very own shopping cart. Your child can load things into their basket, and when they reach in, the Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price responds with a variety of lights, songs and phrases that reward them for being curious little creatures.

Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price can help your child learn a number of important things, including the ABC’s and numbers, along with helping them recognize the differences in colors, textures and songs. Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price also helps children learn greetings and phrases along with different kinds of food. This all happens while the child is using the Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price to learn to walk!

The Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price can give you a much-needed hand in helping your child develop the motor and cognitive skills they’ll need in the future. It introduces children to numbers, the alphabet, counting, shapes and opposites while teaching them important problem solving skills. Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price also help with building self-esteem, a very important skill they’ll need as they grow into their school years.

This Christmas, teach your child that learning is important. Give your child the Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker from Fisher-Price and watch your child learn and grow right in front of your eyes!

The Best Babies and Educational Toys For Christmas

Babies start learning the day they are born. Babies learn while they are in the womb. Yet, once they are born, learning to take a bottle is learning a new task and each day the learning progress goes on. It is never too early to teach a baby new tricks.

What better to than helping your baby with new learning skills than toys? Buying a newborn baby a new toy can be fun for the baby and parents too. All department stores have educational toys for all ages with some sitting out for you to play with before buying. Check them out and look for the right one to teach your baby new skills from the beginning of their life.

Babies need to learn new touches, sounds, and words the day they are born. Education toys for newborns will help them to recognize these things as they play with them.

Language developments begin at birth and your baby learns by hearing sounds. Buying the child toys that talk and play music will increase their language skills as they grow.  Hearing is critical to a baby’s health; if you notice something is not right consult your doctor right away.

Babies first doll can be educational experience. Infants learn to cuddle, coo, touching and can teeth on them too. Look around to find the right one. The toys are available for boys or girls so they will both enjoy this new learning experience.

The different shapes on the face and head will help them learn textures skills. Try getting a doll with different touches of clothing like silk and cottons. Getting one with knotted feet gives baby something to teeth on. Make sure when selecting your baby a new doll that it doesn’t have any harmful parts that may come off like buttons.

Buy your new baby a frog that sings to them. These little frogs are cute and cuddly and will sing when it is touch in the right spot, teaching baby new touches and sounds as they begin their journey ahead in time.

Videos are now being made for the newborn up. Be sure to check the age ranges on these because they come in different age groups. These videos are to teach the baby new sounds and as they start to watch it they will but the pictures and words together programming their brains by putting the picture and voice together.

Musical teething rings are different teaching your new baby different textures, music sounds and some come with a mirror. Mirrors teach them to know who they are and see their own expressions. The easy grip made just for the baby in mind is great to teach them how to hold things.

Crib mobiles are neat and come in many different shapes playing music to your baby while sleeping. Crib mobiles teach the baby movement by turning sounds from the music, and the colors and shapes keeping their attention. Learning is the key for your newborn.

Bath toys are available that make sounds and can be played with the water with support.  The toys that are musical attach over the tub or sink and the baby learns to reach for them. Toys that are made for the water are sponge that your can wash them with teaching again the different texture.

Be sure when buying your new baby toys that they are childproof before letting them play with it. Buy according to the age group on the box to stay in their field of growth and knowledge giving them room to advance with. Teaching is easy because your newborn starts learning the day they are born and you want that to stay with them all through their lives.

Top 5 Gifts For Babies and Toddlers This Christmas

Buying gifts for small children doesn't have to be hard, and most of the time they'll just want to play with the box anyway. To keep their attention on the toy and not the package, try these top 5 gifts for babies and toddlers this Christmas.

Newborn  to 3 Months - Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym

This toy is a combination of a tummy time mat, hanging mobile and music maker. The colors and sounds help new babies to develop motor skills and also refine their five senses. Infants can kick soft piano keys to produce lights and music or grab at hanging toys like mirrors, rattles and teething toys. Parents can also set the music to play for up to 15 minutes.

4 to 9 Months - Peek-a-Blocks and Look-a-Rounds

Both have the same general idea, but one being round and one being square. These plastic toys have objects inside that the infants cannot remove. There are alphabet versions, barn yard animals, some that make sounds and other that have different textures on the exterior. There are also accessories that sort the blocks or use them as moving parts, such as trains and activity centers.

9 to 18 Months - Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

For infants that sit, crawl or are beginning to walk, this is the perfect toy. The main face of the toy has sounds, lights, a small telephone, shapes, numbers, sorters and rattles. Once your child starts to walk, you can mount the toy to its wheeled base and let your child take the toy on the go. The cart also works as a support system for new walkers, helping them to build confidence while taking their new steps.

18 to 24 Months - Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

These Little Tikes cars come in three colors: Princess Pink, bright red and there is also a police patrol car version. Not only have these cars been around for 30 years, they are still popular, kid tough and allow toddlers to entertain themselves.

24 to 36 Months - Little Tikes Barbeque Grill and Kitchen Sets

At this age, toddler love to copy their parents and play “pretend”. Any toy that mimics adult activities are bound to be a hit. Other ideas include grocery stores, tea sets, dress up clothes, face paints or even costumes. This is the perfect age for kids to start using their imagination.

Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand’n Play Rampway

Little People Wheelies Stand’n Play Rampway is a well-loved product among parents.  This is an ideal toy for kids agedbetween 18 months to 5 years old.  It has acolourful setup that can drive your kid’simagination onto another level. Wheelies has always been a fun toy amongst children, here are some of the Little People’s features:

  • Assembling the toy is simple; all you need to do is screw the components together. The upper and lower wall pieces can be snapped together! The ramps are numbered for you to. You’ll set it up in no time!
  • The ramp wayis 2 feet tall, which enables the kids to watch the Wheelies speed down the double spiral ramps.  They'll love the fact that these cars can roll down these ramps.
  • Role-playing Stand’n Play – the Little People Wheelies make room for your kids’ imagination to grow.  They can also watch the Eddie and the Mystery Driver DVD, a short animation from the Fisher-Price Little People characters.  Kids would love to feel the Wheelieville world and make their own characters, or even role-play the characters themselves.
  • 3 AA batteries is all you need to allow it to start, kindly Fisher Price provides them upon purchase. The pieces are very durable so there is no choking hazards. The pieces are smooth to the touch after being carefully rounded, so they can play with it for hours.
  • For storage purposes you can use the built in carry candle provided!

The entertainment they will gain from Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand’n Play Rampway is priceless. Children under 5 will love this toy and has been recognised as a top Christmas present.

Click here to buy from the US - Click here to buy from the UK

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy

Babies love soft, cuddly toys, music and lights. It so happens that there is one toy that has all these -- the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy.  This lovable puppy will teach your child the alphabet, numbers and many other things.

Cuddly and Smart

The Laugh & Learn Puppy is an interactive toy that sings songs and helps baby learn the letters of the alphabet as well as numbers, colors and different parts of the body! With its dog bone collar that lights up to the music, your baby will learn to play games such as Pat-a-Cake and Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

The Learning Puppy has two modes of play -- learning mode and music games.  Learning Mode has six spots on the puppy that can teach your baby the alphabet, colors, and parts of the body through songs and fun phrases. The puppy sings the Alphabet Song, a counting song, a color song, and a song that teaches different parts of the body.

Game Mode is a fun way to use the puppy, that sings songs that encourage interaction, including Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, This Little Piggy, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone, This Old Man, and Bingo.

Why Laugh & Learn Puppy is Adorable

He teaches the alphabet, numbers and parts of the body.  He also has cute sayings, such as “you got my nose”, or “red nose”, or “achoo” to help your baby have fun and enjoy learning. The Puppy also sings entire songs, so that your baby will be singing along and dancing too.  He’s also just the right size for babies to cuddle.

Get the Most Out of Laugh and Learn Puppy

The puppy is so entertaining that your child will spend hours playing with it day after day.  It’s an all-time favorite, topping Amazon’s best-seller list of educational toys for babies with many customers giving the toy a five-star rating.


The Laugh & Learn Puppy is entertaining, educational, lovable, cuddly and highly recommended.  Your baby will absolutely adore this toy.  You can buy it online for a reduced price at today! You will be happy you made  this purchase this coming year.

My Giant Busy Box by ALEX Little Hands

My Giant Busy Box by ALEX Little Hands
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16 great projects in one giant box of fun| Make dough animals, collage a farm, sticker art, create paper bag puppets and tissue art pictures. Includes: 2 plastic frames, 4 animal punch outs, 10 colors of dough, 2 peel and stick tissue art pictures, tons of tissue paper, glue. Easy instructions. Comes in a 12" x 12" x 4" box with a woven handle.

IQ Baby Chubby Soft Activity Blocks

Iq Baby Chubby Soft Activity Blocks
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